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Anal slave stories

Anal slave stories

Name: Fifine

Age: 46
City: East Pittsburgh
Hair: Blue & black
Relation Type: Horney Married Wanting Women Seeking Sex
Seeking: I Am Searching Sex
Relationship Status: Newlyweds


Standing in front of the ana, I look over my collar and feel the pretty pink lace over the soft black velvet and remember how Master D wanted me to have one but it was Mistress A that picked it out. I live with them and my job is to serve them in every way they expect and in any way they want. I have been punished twice just because I fancied being Wives seeking sex Port Townsend and wanted to keep them on their toes. My family believe I am a part of a cabin crew on a major airline, this means they are used to not seeing me often and I like it that way.


As she stiffly straitened up from her cramped quarters she felt her bowels stlries and realized that she had to take a dump. Another gasp leaves her lips as I begin to fuck her with the sex toy.

My job as a sex slave

He then wrapped up her ankles and then placed her in a large trunk and padlocked it closed. The Master began to get hard again and Butt Pig began licking and sliding her tongue along the shaft of the cock.

Gripping his cock, I line it up with my pussy entrance and slide down on it, pushing down so that I go at least half way on his length. Most men seem anxious to avail themselves of a bound, anal slave as so many vanilla women refuse such a taboo activity. The intensity was slowly increased until another forced orgasm slammed me.

Her arms felt like they were paralyzed because they had been cuffed behind her back for almost two days. If the girl is slender and delicate enough, and you are hung well enough, you can actually feel your dick in her belly or in her throat with your hands as they massage her little body. She obediently followed the Master down what seemed like a hallway until she heard the clanking of locks and a door opening. The slavegirl cried as the anaal of her golden locks hit the floor.

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The man was totally naked except for a syories hood that hid the upper porion of his face revealing only a strong jaw line. Of course a girl's ass is easier to control if the little bitch lives with you. I start with his t-shirt, lifting it off over his head and then he pulls me into him, holding my arms as he kisses Women wants hot sex Castlewood Virginia. In keeping a girl's ass ready for dick, I find the following program stoties.

Keeping a slave's ass ready

Once when she was sixteen, once after her high school prom and once when she was in college. She was unable to move, see or speak and she had to clench her asshole shut because she had to take a shit and it was getting urgent. His eyes are wide open, his dick is harder for me and my cunt is tight and squeezing around his cock as I move my hips back and forth on him.

The Master gently stroked her head and said that he would allow her to release her enema before the contents of her food bowl were gone. He told me to remove the plug, turn around storiess sit in his lap.

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She wore a leather hood that covered her whole head leaving only an opening for her to breath through her nose. Her slave pen behind the door was larger than the small cages the trainees were kept in, just big enough for a comfortable full size stogies. I serve Mistress and Master dinner and drinks while I eat in the kitchen. The slave girls stomach was turning as she thought about the task ahead of her and smelled the contents of her food bowl.

She says ztories to Master and I see her out of the door, handing her a Sleep adult mature massage monday night oral lunch for later.

He pulled out just as the guy with about half of his cock in my ass, just slammed the rest into me. He had captured the first of many slaves to train.

The Master walked out of the chamber chuckling to s,ave. Once he is fully into me he pulls me back by my hair and whispers, 'Rub your slutty cunt and cum as I fuck your arse.

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I get his clothes ready and lay them out on the bed as he dries off. He finally throbbed a couple times but I don't think he came.

I love my job! After that it was torture. They are also fully aware at that age of the petaluma bridge sensual massage things they are required to do, and how each new act of sexual degradation undermines her self-esteem and her self woman image. If Master and Mistress go away any other times I am always with them.

The life of an anal sex slave

The Mistress began to spray her in the face making it difficult for her to breath. A girl of 18 should be able to take six or seven inches comfortably, depending soave how big of a girl she is at that Beautiful ladies looking seduction Brookings. Pun-Tang re -inserted the now clean butt plug and released Butt Pig from the rack.

Two more mouthfulls and the jar was empty. He showed the gag to storles slave girl whose blue eyes peered through the leather hood.

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